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What You Don’t Know About Asthma May Be Keeping You From Recognizing It

What You Don’t Know About Asthma May Be Keeping You From Recognizing It

images (9)Today Asthma is one of the fastest wide spread diseases.

As the symptoms of the asthma resemble those of other transient illnesses like common cold, cough, wheezing, short breath and a tight sensation in the chest region, number of people who are unaware of the fact and dismiss some of these sympton without much thought suffer from this illness.

If your cough does not stop and persists for weeks or even months and not responding to medication, it may definitely be a cause for concern. These persistent coughs often continue at a low level for many weeks and become worse resulting you with a feeling of your chest explode when you cough.

Wheezing sounds when you go to bed at night may be another symptom. This can be mistaken for a cold, but if it persists, you must get it checked out.

Exercise induced asthma is fairly common as well. If you walk for a relatively short distance and find yourself panting and short of breath, you might assume that it is a result of your lack of fitness. It might be, but it is also possible that you have asthma that is set off by exercise.

Watch out for these symptoms as well.

* A persistent cold or that just does not go away

* Frequent coughs at night, sometimes so strong that it disturb your sleep

* Severe wheezing when you have a cold

* Tendency to wheeze when you exert yourself

* Breathing difficulties or wheezing during cold weather

Be sure to see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

More attention should be given if someone in your family has asthma or if you are allergic to pets, pollen, dust or other substances. Having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have asthma, but primarily it is important that you discover the underlying cause.

Asthma is very bad enough in adults, subsequently it is very dangerous and can be a very traumatic experience for children. It is important to be aware of asthma symptom and recognize them early if they occur in children. Asthma in children if untreated and not taken care can lead to poor performance in school, interpersonal problems, poor self esteem and more.

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