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What One Should Know About Asthma and Panic Attacks

What One Should Know About Asthma and Panic Attacks

There are many factors one should know about asthma and panic attacks. One should know that they both will restrict your ability to live a normal healthy lifestyle because the two symptoms look same and yet completely different. Asthma can kill you if not well managed but panic attack will not kill you. However, there are some people who experience both and such people must quickly treat them fast if they desire to live a happy life.

One thing you should know about asthma and panic attack is that asthma can cause so much anxiety that it can trigger a panic attack and like a vicious cycle can make the asthma attack serious. Asthma attack can cause the sufferer to have difficulty in breathing and a tight chest.

There is already diagnostic evidence that there is a relationship between asthma and panic attack. Asthma attack is associated with an increased risk of panic attacks among adults and there is a consistent relation between severity and persistence of both attacks. Most people experience one or several of the following symptoms, breathing difficulties, just like in asthma, feeling weak, faint or dizzy, chest pains, sense of terror or of imminent doom or death, racing heart, numbness in the hands and fingers, sweaty or having chills and loss of control.

In both asthma and panic attacks, there are now natural alternative remedies to treat them and they are effective and safe. Some people have found relief from both asthma and panic attacks through several natural treatments that work just as well as medications without side effects.

Take back your life and begin living your dreams and achieving your goals. You can read breakthrough techniques to help you treat Asthma under asthma medications.

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