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Occupational Asthma-Respiratory Damage

This article is a continuation from each description of the Types Of Asthma:- Occupational asthma – is determined by airway irritation, obstruction, and inflammation caused by exposure to certain substances at the workplace. The exposure triggers symptoms from your immune system or through direct irritation of the airways. The symptoms to the direct irritation of the airways, begins immediately following to the …

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Asthma Terms

Action plan: A list or a chart that tells you what to do if you have asthma symptoms , depending on their severity. Your action plan must also tell you what to do when you do not have any symptoms under preventive care. Albuterol: Asthma medication – read short-acting beta-agonist below. Allergic asthma: A chronic, inflammatory disorder of the airways characterized by …

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Diagnosis of Asthma Part 2-By Dr.Karim

The most common widely used laboratory investigation done in all patients suspected to have bronchial asthma is Spirometry. Spirometry specifically measures the volume and speed of air that the patient can inhale (breathe in) and exhale (breathe out). It is done using a device called the spirometer. To understand how spirometry works, we need to know some definitions first.   …

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Treating Asthma in Children

If the family has a history of asthma, the chances are of high risk. If one parent has asthma, the chances of the child developing is double but if both parents have, then the chances are 4 times higher. It is also shown that asthma is more common among boys than girls. Occasionally, the symptoms happen for no obvious reason, …

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A Comprehensive View-Of Asthma Diagnosis

Diagnosis of asthma is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment of asthma according to the severity of the condition. It is a very challenging process because sometimes the signs might not be clear and some disease are similar to the symptoms of asthma which makes difficult in a thorough diagnosis. The process includes family gathering and medical history, a physical …

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Asthma Attack-Learn About What Happens When It Occurs

In short, it is due to the constriction in the air passageways that usually attacks a person with asthma. The main factors that cause the airways to become narrowed and blocked, is a constriction of the muscles surrounding the air tubes, an inflammation and swelling of the lining of the air tubes, and an increase in mucus production, which clogs …

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