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Bronchial Asthma and Infections-By Edter

Several people think that asthma is contagious. Others may wonder if this respiratory problem is communicable (infectious in nature). As a matter of fact, bronchial asthma is non-infectious and non-communicable. However, this health problem is closely associated to other forms of infections. Medical specialist from Arizona, USA believed that people in contact to constant respiratory infections such as pneumonia can …

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Asthma and Flu

Asthma and Flu – one may think of them-self as being like everyone else when they get sick, but you as someone with asthma need to take the flu even more seriously. The flu poses some additional concerns for you as compared to those with healthy lungs and without asthma. The flu virus causes swelling and inflammation in the lungs that may …

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What You Must Know About Asthma Symptoms

  Asthma symptoms Asthma symptoms can be quite frightful and awful. Till today the cause of most asthma is not discovered by doctors. Most researchers believe that it is a combination of factors such as family genes and exposure to allergens in certain environments. In addition, many believe that a weakened immune system makes one much more susceptible to asthma …

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