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Seven Ways To Prevent Asthma

 People take it for granted that if you have asthma, exercise won’t be viable for you, as aerobic activities can trigger your condition leading to difficulties in breathing. However, in contrary to this thinking, there are several ways in which you can have a well-fitted body even if you have asthma. Asthma is a known lung disease, which is chronic …

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Asthma and Pregnancy-Impact on You and Your Baby

Most essential factor to remember about asthma and pregnancy is that this medication is indefinitely safe for the baby. Reason cause asthma medications are inhaled, the drug is going directly to your lungs and will, in most instances bypass the baby. However, the drug is not harmful to your baby at all and thus you have nothing to worry about if your …

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How To Create Your Asthma Action Plan

Utilizing an asthma action plan is very essential if your child has moderate to severe asthma or has had a serious asthma attack in the earlier period.Maintaining good everyday control is the solution to keeping symptoms under control and preventing attacks. Written plan makes it easier for you to determine whether your child’s asthma is under control and it lets …

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Adult Onset Asthma – What Is it and Who Gets It?

Asthma in Adults who developed it when an adult after having avoided it your whole life means ‘Onset Asthma”. Developing asthma as an adult can be pretty frustrating since you will probably have to make lifestyle changes unless you come up with a treatment that works. And I am not talking about asthma prescription medications since they can cause side …

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Medicine For Asthma Can Be Confusing Unless You Know These Facts

For properly understanding medicine for asthma, better it is important to take a look at the different types of asthma medications and how they improve asthma symptoms. To understand what the medication does to the body it is good to know what symptoms occur when a person has an asthma attack. Most of the symptoms a person experiences while having …

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Asthma Exercises and Other Tips For Asthma Sufferers

Asthma physical exercise is actually important in reducing the symptoms of this chronic respiratory inflammation difficulties. But since strenuous activities and even some types of exercise can induce flare-ups of asthma, many people think that asthma and exercise do not mix altogether. However, if you have this respiratory illness, you cannot simply be a couch potato all your life. Remember that …

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How to Treat Your Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease that have an effect on the airways or the tubes that carries air in and out of the lungs. Asthmatics have inflamed airways or the inside walls of the airways are swollen with excessive mucus production making breathing difficult. Symptoms include wheezing, chest pains, difficulty breathing and coughing. Asthma is a very uncomfortable and …

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What One Should Know About Asthma and Panic Attacks

There are many factors one should know about asthma and panic attacks. One should know that they both will restrict your ability to live a normal healthy lifestyle because the two symptoms look same and yet completely different. Asthma can kill you if not well managed but panic attack will not kill you. However, there are some people who experience both …

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