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Causes of Asthma By Dr.Deepti M

Asthma is an ailment, which is produced due to the inflammation or swelling of the respiratory tract, or the airway. Every year, millions of people are becoming the victims of Asthma. The exact causes of asthma is not clearly understood, yet. But, many possible causes of Asthma have been suggested. Asthma is believed to be due to interaction of many …

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Asthma Triggers and How to Avoid Them-By Penny Stump

There are several asthma triggers that can bring on an asthma attack. Many of these triggers can be avoided. This will prevent unwanted attacks and give you a chance to live a better life. There are several indoor triggers that you can control. There are also outside triggers that you can avoid. Not all triggers will be able to be …

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Can Mold Worsen Your Asthma

This article is the final continuation follow-up of the series of articles on Avoiding Your Asthma Triggers. Mold is a microscopic (so small as to be visible only with a microscope) fungi that grow or develop well  in a damp dark environment and can worsen your asthma. Mold can grow on any surface (e.g. food, indoor plants, walls, floors or fabric) given …

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Know What Causes Asthma Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis if not controlled and treated properly may result to chronic or asthma bronchitis. This condition is associated to the obstruction in the bronchial tube, mucus membrane and other respiratory tissues and organs. The common causes of this obstruction is irritants like pollen, dust, chemicals, strong odors and viruses Irritants are naturally fought by the body but once the …

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Top Causes And The Easiest Way To Prevent Childhood Asthma

Clinical studies show that household dust mites allergens are the number one cause and the biggest culprit of childhood asthma. Other common allergens such as animal dander (dry dead flaking skin), mold, cockroaches, household chemicals, pollens and tobacco smoke are also main offenders. Actually speaking, asthma is not caused by allergens, the more suitable terminology word ‘trigger’ is the factor …

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Information About Asthma

What is Asthma? – Asthma is a chronic condition in which the upper airways become obstructed, resulting in wheezing and, at times, severe difficulty in breathing. It may be triggered by an allergic response to a particular environmental substance or circumstance–at home, at work, indoors or out–resulting in spasms that hinder the breathing organs. Allergic asthma is presumed to be …

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