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Significant Clinical Manifestations for Asthma-By Edterchelle Soriano

The signs and symptoms of Asthma may vary from mild to severe forms. It depends on the ability of the person to cope with this condition. Oftentimes, it occurs to someone who is exposed to several external factors that can predispose them to suffer from the asthma attacks. It is very important for them to understand these manifestations in order …

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Can Roach Worsen Your Asthma

This article is a continuation follow-up of the series of articles on Avoiding Your Asthma Triggers. You Ask-Can Cockroaches Affect My Asthma? YES! Cockroaches are insects with six legs and two pairs of wings that are common throughout globally, but especially in crowded cities. Proteins from the cockroaches saliva, droppings, and shed insect body parts can trigger asthma symptoms. You Ask-Where I …

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Allergic Asthma

This article is a continuation from each description of the Types Of Asthma Allergic asthma or extrinsic asthma (not part of the essential nature of someone or something; coming or operating from outside) is the most common form of asthma among all the asthma types. Allergic asthma from it’s self explanatory word, results from an allergic reaction. Our immune system normally exists to fight …

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