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Asthma Prevention

Asthmatics, having an asthma management plan is the best strategy to prevent asthma symptoms. An asthma management plan is something developed by you and your doctor or healthcare medical advisers to help you control your asthma, instead of your asthma controlling you. An effective plan should allow you to the followings:- Be active without having asthma symptoms. Involve fully in exercise and sports. Sleep all …

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Can Your Immune System Worsen Your Asthma

YES! the same system that helps to protect you from infections, your immune system, can also be the cause for your worsening asthma.There will be noticeable happenings identically like runny nose, watery eyes and sinus congestion, your peak flows are lower, you are wheezing more, and you may experience more shortness of breath. So how it is here that the immune system and …

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Controlling Your Child’s Asthma

 Asthma is the commonest childhood illness, affecting many children globally. And statistically, for many children asthma is a chronic illness, causing asthma symptoms that come and go throughout the year, leading to frequent asthma attacks, poor sleep, missed school days, emergency visits to a doctor  and even hospitalizations. With good guidance long term asthma treatment, many of these children can have …

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Important Tips For Asthma Treatment

  What Is Asthma? Asthma is such a disease that may have many reasons. It may be either inherited of it may come any time at later age. You should be careful about asthma treatment if you have become its victim. Best natural treatment is through eating such foods which strengthen the lungs, for example grams or the pulse of …

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Medicine For Asthma Can Be Confusing Unless You Know These Facts

For properly understanding medicine for asthma, better it is important to take a look at the different types of asthma medications and how they improve asthma symptoms. To understand what the medication does to the body it is good to know what symptoms occur when a person has an asthma attack. Most of the symptoms a person experiences while having …

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