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How to Prevent Asthma Attacks?

How to Prevent Asthma Attacks?

Bronchial asthma attacks are quite widespread these days. Every day you might come across news snippets stating the casualties of asthma attacks. Plenty of misconceptions and theories exist in this domain and in this brief description; I would like to shed some important information regarding the same. A number of factors might lead to asthma attacks. Knowing them and keeping them at bay requires careful thought as well as guidance. What exactly is an asthma attack? In simpler non-medical terms, it is the narrowing of the air passage leading to the lungs.

There is no specific cause for the condition. Researchers and doctors all over the world attribute allergens and the genetic make-up as major contributors of the condition. Parents who are known to suffer from this condition can impart asthma to their offspring. The presence of allergy causing agents like dust, pollen also induces asthma attacks in a person. A characteristic feature of asthma is the fact that is sets from an earlier stage of one’s life. Latest research is pointing to the fact that respiratory complications that were present on a child during childhood era might also contribute a lot to shape this condition.

Allergens prevention is one of the best manners to ward away asthma attacks. Hair from domesticated animals might also pose a significant risk. If one is suffering from asthma, it is better not to invest on any kind of pets for the home. Microscopic particles might irritate the bronchial lining and an asthma attack might be induced on the patient. The room occupied by the patient – it must not contain objects that aid in quick dust accumulation like drapes. Carpets also pose problems like the aforementioned drapes. Asthma attacks are also known to be the direct reaction to allergy to certain foods. Please avoid them.

Doctors and modern medicine present numerous tests to confirm the existence of asthma on a patient. Spirometer is the commonly employed instrument to detect and study about asthma. Breathing problems are the hallmark of the condition, hence tests that are employed to detect them can be implemented for detecting asthma. The value of peak expiratory flow provides an insight into the condition. X-rays of the chest and the associated regions will also prove to be beneficial in detecting the condition. Various tests are present that will aid in detecting allergy – these might prove to be helpful, likewise.

There is no specific treatment for asthma. Doctors are known to advise the patient to keep away from dusty environments. Changing the lifestyle so that asthma causative agents are less inhaled is the best step in curbing the condition. Doctors also recommend mild dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent asthma attacks.


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