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Herbal Plants for Treating Bronchial Asthma-By Edterchelle Soriano

Herbal Plants for Treating Bronchial Asthma-By Edterchelle Soriano


Bronchial Asthma

Asthma occurs to people who have problems with swollen airway. It occurs when the bronchus of the lungs failed to broaden its opening. As a result, people with this condition suffer from difficulty or shortness of breathing.

There are treatment modalities which are used for people with asthma. However, not everyone has tolerance with these treatments. To simplify it, asthma clients with allergic reactions to pharmaceutical drugs are given with other alternative treatments. One of this is the herbal supplements.

Wild Licorice

Bronchial asthma

This herb is known to have anti-inflammatory effects. However, taking of this herb should be done with strict precautionary measure. Large doses of wild licorice can increase the blood pressure (hypertension). The roots of this herb are the most potent treatment for bronchial asthma. It improves the breathing pattern by dilating the bronchus. People with allergic reactions to corticosteroids can use the wild licorice root.



The most common prescribed medicine for bronchial asthma contains theophylline. This substance promotes bronchodilation. It is one of the active ingredients for most inhalers. Theophylline is a compound found in cocoa. In other words, eating chocolate with at least 60-70% of coca can help treat asthma. It is also recommended to take 2 teaspoons of cocoa and pour it in 1 cup of hot water. Take this for 2 times a day.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba

This herb has various therapeutic effects to the body. It is popularly known for the platelet aggregator effect. It has Paf-acether (PAF) which is an active phospholipid mediator and activator. It plays an important role for the formation of leukocytes (white blood cells), anaphylaxis (resistance to allergens) and inflammation (swelling). Moreover, it contains active component that mediates the constriction of bronchus (common cause of asthma). Other benefits of Gingko Biloba are the improvement of blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. It reduces blood-clotting activity and protects the membrane from damages of free radicals.



This herb is composed of a-pinene and creosol. These natural compounds help loosens the bronchial secretions. Bronchial secretions (phlegm) are common cause of bronchial obstruction. Too much of secretions in the bronchus can prevent the air from flowing in. Eventually, it will lead to asthma attack. Additionally, thick and tenacious bronchial secretions are easily expectorated by people who use this herb.



The most evident herb that has numerous therapeutic effects is garlic. Take the garlic and mix with mild can relieve the clinical manifestations of asthma attack. The garlic has anti-inflammatory effect. The strong odor of garlic cloves contain natural compound that can improve the blood circulation. It reduces the extent of inflammation, as well.

Leaf of Parsley

Leaf of Parsley

This herb is considered as a potent expectorant. It helps treat asthma and cough. It is advisable to take tinctures. People with bronchial asthma are recommended to eat steep chopped leaves or raw parsley. However, pregnant mothers are not allowed to take this herb. This can cause maternal problems.

These herbs contain compounds which are clinically used as an active ingredient for pharmaceutical drugs. However, most of these drugs are incorporated with other chemical elements that can hasten the effect.

Furthermore, there are people who are found allergic to these chemical elements. As a result, they suffer from different signs of allergies. Taking of natural herbs eliminate the chance of these people from getting allergic reactions. It is safe, effective, and cheap. Pregnant mothers should consult their gynecologist before taking these herbs because there are natural compounds which may alter the normal development of the baby– By Edterchelle Soriano  

In our next article we shall discuss about – Foods that Can Aggravate Asthma Attack – By Edterchelle Soriano.

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