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Four Ways To Know Asthma Is Under Control In Your Life

Four Ways To Know Asthma Is Under Control In Your Life

Controlling of your asthma symptoms do you know when you are in control? Seems like a reasonably straight-forward question but it’s important for sufferers to understand the importance of it.

Complacency is a problem affecting many asthma sufferers; when you think you have it under control, the temptation to ease up on medication and “symptoms watch” is always there but it really is important to maintain a consistent level of asthma maintenance.

Try this simple test to determine if you are in an asthma control zone:

1. You use controller medication less than twice a week.

2. You sleep through the night and are not woken up by asthma symptoms such as coughing.

3. Asthma symptoms are not a constant during your week. In fact, experiencing symptoms less than twice a week is a sign of good control.

4. Your daily work is not disturbed. For instance, taking time off work or not able to exercise because of asthma symptoms on a regular basis is a sign non-control. If asthma isn’t interfering with your daily routine then you are performing good control maintenance.

Warning Signs

Make no mistake, asthma is a killer and complacency should never enter into calculations. Let’s check the more common warning signs:

– Shortness of breath. This is the most common symptom and a sure sign an attack is imminent.
– Wheezing and coughing leading to difficulty with breathing. Sleep patterns being affected because of this.
– Experiencing tightness in the chest or even chest pain.
– Over use of inhalers. Be aware of this important aspect. While inhalers are in themselves lifesavers, take it as a warning sign it’s time to visit your doctor if you are using your inhaler on a regular or frequent basis.

Adult Asthma

Adult asthma is a very real issue. In fact, it’s somewhat of a fallacy asthma is a disease which only children get. There is still a chance, about one in ten, adults can develop asthma during their lifetime. How? Usually through what are termed as non-allergic triggers such as severe flus to being exposed to irritants in the workplace.

Do not take asthma symptoms as a sign of defeat. It can be controlled effectively with good management plans. Your doctor can help you to work out a strategy to keep asthma under control in your life.


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