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Facts About Asthma Symptoms You Cannot Ignore

Facts About Asthma Symptoms You Cannot Ignore

Asthma AttackAsthma is a serious illness that affects people of all ages, the elderly, the middle-aged and the young. Even the child can be devastatingly affected by this life threatening disease. Asthma is a breathing disorder related to the inflammation and blockage of the airways of the lungs. Though with the modern science and technology and numbers of research carried out, the cause of this breathing disorder illness is still unknown.

One of the cause of this disorder is said to be a combination of genes and exposure to allergies which comes from environment induced factors. It has been estimated that this breathing disorder affects many people all over the world. Unfortunately asthma cannot be cured but the symptoms associated with it can be controlled or lessened with the help of medication. Some people develop asthma at very early age and fortunately as they grow older these symptoms minimize and disappear on their own.

Mucus PlugsThe usual symptoms associated with this disorder of the lungs are difficulty in breathing, a tight feeling in the chest, raspy wheezing, coughing and sneezing. Some allergens or irritants present in the environment can also trigger an asthma attack. A fever can sometimes accompany an attack and breathing will gradually become labored and rapid. A wheezing sound may also be heard if one puts his ear to the chest of a sufferer.

One other asthma symptom is also suffocation. Sometimes children may experience a feeling of suffocation and become panicky. Parents must be very alert of this symptom and treat the child with medication as quickly as possible to avoid such fear. Parents should also give full attention and care as children may also become cranky, whinny and very disturbed because of these asthma attacks.


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