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Exercise For Asthma Patients-Some Important Tips

Exercise For Asthma Patients-Some Important Tips

Exercise Induced AsthmaMany asthma patients who suffer from Asthma perhaps wonder if they can exercise safely or properly. Put aside what most people think, one can actually exercise to get in shape even when you are a victim of Asthma.

Asthma comes more as a lung disorder that is chronic, marked by features of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Asthma occurs when people get environmentally or genetically predisposed to conditions.

Triggers such as viral respiratory infections, exposure to cockroaches or dust mites and exposure to allergens could start or make any attack worse.

Preventing Asthma could be done in the following manner:-

1. Make sure to bathe your pets at least weekly.

2. Never smoke or permit to smoke at your dwelling

3. When pollen or mold counts are more, ensure to stay in-door with air-conditioning.

4. Don’t forget to wash stuffed toys and bedding at least once in a week with hot water.

5. Ensure to wash hands every time you get the chance.

6. Have a flu shot given to yourself.

7. During Winter wear a scarf covering nose and mouth.

8. Become proactive knowing your triggers right; knowing how to avoid them.

Hope the above descriptions have made you aware about asthma prevention. There are exercises that fit in such circumstances too. Any doctor would suggest not giving up on exercise and sports, whatsoever. All that people need to be aware of is to be alert and smart about taking special pre-cautions towards avoiding attacks.

Doctors would agree that preventing attacks while you are exercising could be done in a best way; using an inhaler along with appropriate medications. Inhalers should not be used more than three times when you are in an exercise session or a game. If you have been wheezing and coughing the previous night, then it is implied to implement lighter exercises the next day.

For Exercise Induced Asthma, IEA, the symptoms differ to what is generic. The attack occurs after about 6-7 minutes of attack and is often worse in case of dry and cold air.

When you are suffering from IEA, there are various activities which could be enjoyed. These activities include walking, biking, downhill skiing, swimming, or team based sports. Quite many activities could be tried to ascertain that you get the much needed exercise.

Asthma is not something that is within the mind; it is fully physiological and an equally similar medical treatment is required for the same. Your doctor is the best person who could assist you with the disorder; you need to prevent yourself from any asthma attacks.

Following prescribed prescription and taking the right asthma medications at the right time and being proactive. Do not allow asthma bring unhappiness in your life; enjoy life and exercise just like anyone else would have done.

  1. sadia kafeel
    sadia kafeel01-12-2014

    The treatment and prevention mentioned here are very usefui. Normal diet is necessory to prevent every type of disese and maintain your body weight for long life

    • Webmaster

      Hello Sadia Kafeel,

      You are absolutely correct –
      Thanks for your positive feedback and support.


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