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Asthma Symptoms-What You Need to Know

Asthma Symptoms-What You Need to Know

Asthma AttackAsthma symptom like wheezing is common to everyone who suffers from this respiratory problem. Inflamed airways usually cause muscles in the area to tighten, so breathing becomes difficult and wheezing is produced while breathing. Wheezing is usually the first asthma symptom that parents notice when their children are having flare-ups or asthma attacks.

The hissing sound is usually more prominent during exhalation, but in some cases it can also occur during inhalation. It is quite important for people who have asthma to bring their medication, especially quick relief drugs, wherever they go because attacks can manifest slowly (taking hours or even days) or suddenly.

Another asthma symptom that should alert you of an impending attack is breathlessness. It is important for parents to regularly check on their kids who have asthma because shortness of breath is more common in asthma sufferers that have narrow airways.

Another asthma symptom that is quite common is chest tightness. Some adults who are also suffering from hypertension and other cardiac-related diseases might want to be more careful with chest tightening because they might think that they are only having an asthma attack but in reality they might already be experiencing a heart attack.

Asthma symptom like coughing is also a common as well as having difficulty speaking. However, these symptoms are also common in other diseases. Adults who have asthma since childhood usually know whenever they are already suffering from an asthma attack. Through years of suffering from this chronic disease, lifelong sufferers can sense whenever they are experiencing any flare-up.

The case with children is quite different. Small children cannot really understand that what they are experiencing is already an asthma symptom. Thus, it is worth mentioning that parents, guardians, and caregivers of both young children and adults who have asthma should be a little more observant of the people they care for.

Another important aspect that you need to look into is the severity of an asthma symptom. You can characterize an asthma attack as mild intermittent, which means that asthma flare-ups are limited to twice a week, while nighttime attacks just twice a month. Mild persistent asthma means that symptoms are not severe but the attacks happen quite often.

Moderate persistent brings about asthma flare-ups every day. And severe persistent is a type of asthma that severely attacks during the day and even at nights. Normally people with a high persistent asthma symptom can have difficulty in  performing their everyday activities because of their situation.


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