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Asthma Information – Facts You Should Know

Asthma Information – Facts You Should Know

Mainly everyone needs to know about asthma or suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However many people have emphysema also known as chronic bronchitis often experience symptoms similar to asthma. The debate is still on if this condition should be classified as chronic asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The medical term for the asthma we know of is Bronchial Asthma and it refers to a respiratory illness which is chronic and causes the inflammation of the air intake passageways. The most common symptoms of asthma include wheezing, short breath, tightening of the chest and coughing in addition to many other more subtle symptoms.

Experts agree that the no.1 cause of asthma today is air pollution. They stress that many people are asthma sufferers because of allergic reactions which are caused by airborne substances.

In order to prevent asthma sufferers from suffering asthma attacks it is important that they stay away from potential asthma triggers. There are a few things that can trigger an asthma attack but once the asthma attack is underway it can be life threatening. Asthma can be flared up by airborne allergens, fur, smoke, food, anxiety and addictives. Also excessive singing, laughing and crying can cause an asthma attack in some patients. Infections of the respiratory tract such as colds, sinusitis, and cough are also capable of triggering an asthma attack. This is why it is stressed that people with asthma eat a good healthy diet with exercise so that their immune system can fend off these attacks.

The wheezing sound in your breath is not the only marker that doctors use to determine if you have asthma. Now because the chances of an asthma attack happening during a doctor’s visit are low you should vividly describe your symptoms to the doctor. You will also need to tell the doctor what you were doing and what you do when the asthma attack flared up. This helps doctors locate the trigger of your asthma.

However there are many tests which can be done in order to determine if you have asthma. Many physicians will recommend a chest x-ray, and peak expiratory flow. These recommendations help doctors determine for sure if you are having asthma.


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