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Asthma Exercises and Other Tips For Asthma Sufferers

Asthma Exercises and Other Tips For Asthma Sufferers

Is Exercise Induced Asthma A Different Form Of AsthmaAsthma physical exercise is actually important in reducing the symptoms of this chronic respiratory inflammation difficulties. But since strenuous activities and even some types of exercise can induce flare-ups of asthma, many people think that asthma and exercise do not mix altogether.

However, if you have this respiratory illness, you cannot simply be a couch potato all your life. Remember that lack of exercise and physical activities may protect you from exercise-triggered inflammation of your air passageway, but it won’t prevent obesity and the other problems that come with lack of exercise. Here are some tips that you might want to follow if you are planning to start an exercise regimen for asthmatics.

The first thing that you need to consider about asthma exercise is that you should start slow. You do not need to perform 100 push-ups or crunches in one sitting. According to research, people suffering from this respiratory condition can increase asthma exercise or aerobic activity over time. But for starters, perform simple and easy steps first before you go to extreme activities.

The slow approach will help minimize asthma attacks that are induced by strenuous exercise. Even if you have asthma, you can probably go mountain climbing or do extreme sports, just make sure that you do not overexert yourself and do heavy stuff all of a sudden without prepping up your body.

Other essential asthma exercise consideration is consistency and regularity. Intermittent extreme exercises will not prevent you from having severe flare-ups. Instead, start with a leisurely walk all around the park for thirty minutes. The next day, you can either increase your speed or walk for a longer distance.

After a few weeks of adding intensity or workout hours, you can probably start strenuous asthma exercise without getting a single asthma attack. However, it is important that you regularly monitor your body’s reaction to certain changes in your asthma exercise because you would not know when you will be having sudden attacks.

Managing asthma is actually easier than it looks. In fact, there are even famous athletes who have asthma problems but were still able to win Olympic medals.

Asthma physical exercise

You just have to make sure that you make necessary precautions when doing asthma exercise. Be sure to always bring your asthma medications or inhaler with you whenever you plan to go to the gym or run around the park.

Together with asthma exercise, you can also ease your asthma attacks by minimizing stress, getting better sleep, and taking the right diet.


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