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Asthma and Pregnancy-Impact on You and Your Baby

Asthma and Pregnancy-Impact on You and Your Baby

Asthma and Pregnancy-Impact on You and Your BabyMost essential factor to remember about asthma and pregnancy is that this medication is indefinitely safe for the baby. Reason cause asthma medications are inhaled, the drug is going directly to your lungs and will, in most instances bypass the baby. However, the drug is not harmful to your baby at all and thus you have nothing to worry about if your asthma is controlled.

If you are not breathing properly, then it could be negatively affecting the baby. Asthma and pregnancy is an important issue that needs to be discussed with your doctor when falling pregnant.

Even if your asthma is controlled, pregnancy could affect it. It could worsen; it could get better. Every woman is different and thus you need to be prepared. If it is not stable, now is the time to find a plan that works. Unstable asthma and pregnancy can lead to premature births and low weight babies. This is why you need to speak to your doctor to come up with a plan to treat unstable asthma right away.

Importantly asthma attacks in labor are extremely rare statistically. However, if you do suffer from an attack, the doctors and nurses will be able to help. Furthermore, most medications are safe during breast feeding as well.

Facts are that asthma tends to run in the family and thus, there is a possibility that your child may have asthma as well. However, you are an expert on the subject and thus know the different triggers, symptoms and treatment methods so both you and your baby will be able to live normal and healthy lifestyles.Again do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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