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All About Asthma For Kids Who Want to Be Active

All About Asthma For Kids Who Want to Be Active

Asthma is a medical condition that need daily attention with cautious. Generally kids can still have fun with normal activities. Kids should be well briefed and explained clearly by parents the prevention and cure of the illness so that they know their limitations and avoid recurrence of the illness. You can give your child a responsibility for his own welfare so he is aware that Asthma is life threatening.

Asthma is the swelling of the air passage ways and the thickening of the walls of the breathing airways that is brought by allergens or other triggers which effects to all signs of difficulty such as breathing, wheezing, heavy chest, and coughing. This is a very critical moment as lack of supply of air due to the sore and swollen air passage ways can cause damage to vital organs which if not treated or alleviated immediately will result to death.

As a parent, you might want to educate your child on how Asthma occurs so he can know what is happening to him and lessen his fear. Remind him to always carry his medication and refrain from allergen, irritants, or heavy activities that can prevent him from the illness.

If your child can follow strict instructions well enough and at the right age, he can understand and take responsibility for his actions to prevent his Asthma from recurrence. But however as a child, they tend to forget his sickness especially in the midst of having too much fun, so parental guidance and supervision should always be available. They should be constantly reminded to keep taking care of themselves to prevent any Asthma attacks. Giving them the right information to control their Asthma can also develop their sense of responsibility and development.

There are usually two treatments of asthma. Quick relief medications are usually inhalers that can help stop wheezing to allow your child to breathe normally right away. Controller medicine relieves the swelling of your air ways and helps in keeping them that way so the child can recover his breathing. Some parents also allow their children to take prescribed anti-allergy medication when going to new places to prevent them from being affected by allergens or irritants. Fast paced activities can be limited to children with Asthma but they can opt for games or sports that allow periods of rest during the game. Baseball and swimming is usually recommended to practice the lungs in breathing capacity and enable rest during competitions.

Avoiding your child outdoors to prevent Asthma would deprive him from the fun and activities normally kids should have. However with the right instructions and explanation, your child will gladly and happily participate in all activities and will be free from his condition. So go right now and talk to your asthmatic kid and console him confidence that his life is not the end just because of his condition. Become a team and help each other in managing this medical condition together.


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