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Ideal Gifts for Kids with Asthma-By Edter

Celebrating Halloween can sometimes challenge adults for finding the right gifts to kids with asthma. It involves critical decision-making because giving the wrong item can put someone‚Äôs life at risk of developing asthma attacks. As a result, parents will play safe and treat their asthmatic kids with tasty foods instead of enjoyable items. If you are one of those parents, …

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Secrets for Children to Enjoy Asthma-Free Halloween-By Edter

As Halloween is fast approaching, kids are becoming too excited. This is a traditional event that most children should look forward in a year. However, this event is not exciting for parents with asthmatic children. In cases of asthmatic kids, how can they enjoy Halloween without compromising their health condition? This is a common question that most parents should consider, …

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Causes of Asthma By Dr.Deepti M

Asthma is an ailment, which is produced due to the inflammation or swelling of the respiratory tract, or the airway. Every year, millions of people are becoming the victims of Asthma. The exact causes of asthma is not clearly understood, yet. But, many possible causes of Asthma have been suggested. Asthma is believed to be due to interaction of many …

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Kids with Asthma 101: Halloween Chocolate Treats, Is it Safe?-By Edter

October means Halloween and every kid in the block are now ready to roam around for some sweet treats. Children love eating chocolates and this had become a melodramatic issue for parents with kids with Asthma. Is eating sweet Halloween treats safe for asthmatic children? Can they tolerate the sweetness of this sumptuous dessert? Most parents will argue with their …

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Intramuscular Vaccine:Preventive Treatment for Allergic Asthma-By Edter

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the bronchial tubes and bronchioles in the lungs. Moreover, this condition is caused by several factors including allergens. Allergens are referred to substances that are commonly present in the external environment. This type of pathogen can cause mild to severe irritation to the airway, which may lead to inflammatory process. Due …

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