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Recommended Exercises for People with Bronchial Asthma-By Edter

Bronchial Asthma Exercises can work on distinctive ways for people with bronchial asthma. It can either relieve the symptoms of asthma or it may worsen the condition. Anyone who is physically active must know their limits and boundaries when exercising. This is crucial especially to anyone who has pulmonary problems such as bronchial asthma. Physical activities such as exercise are …

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Essential Vitamins for Controlling Bronchial Asthma-By Edter

Bronchial asthma is considered as a life-long disease, which causes the bronchus to swell or narrow. This condition can impair the normal respiratory rate. It is characterized by shortness of breathing, presence of wheezing (whooshing sound during exhalation), and pain at the chest area. There is no definite cure for treating asthma. All of the medications used by people with …

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Emergency Treatment Plan for Asthma Attack-By Edterchelle Soriano

¬†Asthma attack is a critical condition in asthma which confuses everyone. This confusion is brought by the severity of the condition. People who are suffering from it are having a hard time distinguishing the condition. Other times, it is difficult to identify which has the life-threatening situation or milder manifestations. Regardless with the severity of asthma attack, it is best …

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